Portland Terminal

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About Portland Terminal

Zenith Energy operates a fuel storage facility in Northwest Portland, Oregon. While the Portland Terminal has traditionally stored petroleum products, Zenith Energy is now on track to have nearly 50% of its storage capacity be used for renewable fuels as early as March 2024.

This change is part of a larger commitment to remove 100% of all crude oil storage from the Portland Terminal and transition it to renewable fuels by October 2027.

As part of its climate action plan, the City of Portland has mandated that only renewable diesel be sold in the city by 2030. Zenith’s renewable fuel storage will be key to achieving this goal.

Recently, the Portland Terminal received its first shipment of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) from Montana Renewables. This fuel type is designed to reduce the aviation industry’s carbon footprint and help further reduce emissions in the transportation sector.

Zenith Energy has already invested $130 million in its Portland Terminal, upgrading tanks, emission-cutting equipment, and fire systems, while also providing enhanced training for staff, contractors and first responders.

Zenith Energy expects to spend another $25 million to support the location’s transition to renewable fuels.


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"Leading Portland's Renewable Energy Transition"