Operate a multi-product oil and gas, bulk liquid rail and truck terminal; maintain quality assurance, community relations, regulatory compliance, customer communications, asset protection, participate in training classes and safety meetings, and assist in the operations and maintenance of the plant facility as directed by the Terminal Manager.





·        Inspection of the rail and terminal tank farm area daily for leaks, spills and general housekeeping. Has authority to suspend operations, authorize emergency contractors to begin work, and secure additional personnel to execute the response plan.

·        Monitors work and safety requirements for all outside contractors working on our property; supervises on-site activity.

·        Responsible for communicating to contractors and drivers all safety requirements; includes responsibility for training drivers and enforcement of rules (especially truck loading and unloading procedures).

·        Participates in cross-training vacation relief and other special projects.

·        Responds to customer information requirements and generates necessary reports for customer accounts, billings, and inventory replacement.

·        Develop appropriate reports on a customer-by-customer basis.

·        Forward to the Terminal Manager any information on competing terminals in the area; recommend business expansion opportunities.

·        Perform all rail side functions in the loading/unloading of rail cars.

·        Assist in the training of new employees in the proper use of safety equipment.

·        Attend the Monthly Safety Meeting and Annual Fire Demonstration.

·        Assist drivers in loading and unloading trucks.


·        Secure rectifier readings, meter totalizer readings and tank gauges.

·        Review insurance certificates daily on carriers and contractors to insure all are current.

·        Secure, label and store samples for all receipts and applicable deliveries.

·        Prepare bills-of-lading.

Regulatory Compliance

·        Participate in HAZWOPER training, HM126F training and annual updates as required.

·        Report broken or missing security seals at the terminal.

·        Inspect storage areas.

·        Attend all required spill response drills including the following: QI Drill, Tabletop Drill, Contractor Deployment, Contractor Equipment Inspection, In-House Equipment Inspection.

·        Prepare checklists, and receipt/delivery rate sheets for each product movement.

·        Secure all gauges and meter readings required to additive compliance.

·        Respond to emergency situations (leaks, spills, fires) by implementing response plans and assessing required resources. Determine level of response and act as Incident Commander in the absence of the Terminal Manager.

Asset Accountability

·        Perform light-duty maintenance on equipment.

·        Insure the equipment is safely and properly operated and properly maintained by all personnel.

·        Perform activities in the winterization plan.

Inventory Accountability

·        Secure storage tank measurements (1) before and after all receipts, (2) daily, (3) at week closing and (4) at end of month.

·        Inspect products to be received for minimum quality standards, and has authority to accept or reject.

·        Attend all product transfers at the terminal to insure product integrity and avoid contamination of any products.

·        Secure daily temperature from each tank delivering product in order to check truck temperature versus tank temperature; has authority to correct Bills of Lading in error.

·        Secure all gauges and meter readings to permit daily over/short analysis by balancing tank gauges and meter tickets.

·        Assist in the calibration of additive and metering equipment



·        Certification for Hazardous Waste Operator requirements (HAZWPOR), as required under 40 CFR 112 including both First Responder (24 hours) and Incident Commander (8 hours) training.

·        Must be physically able to climb tank stairways, truck ladders and railcars daily.

Job Type: Full-time


How to apply

Please send your C.V by email to quoting “Joliet Terminal Operator Position” in the subject line.